Network Marketing Success – Lessons From On Walden Pond

One of the most well-known quotes from Henry David Thoreau is, “If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams and endeavors to live the life he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours”.

There are several critical elements here. First is, “in the direction of his dreams”. Very few people know what they want. In fact, Jack Canfield, in his book, “The Success Principles” explains that one of the biggest reasons people don’t get what they want is they don’t know what it is. Defining clear objectives for life can be a daunting task for many. Partially this is caused by negative self-image in which we may aspire to attain a lofty objective but not believe we are worthy hence we put little or no effort into the definition of our goals..

The 2nd key word is to advance “confidently”. Lack of confidence, or negative self-image, is rampant in our society. We have been raised and trained to believe that the only acceptable behavior is to follow the crowd, yet true genius does anything but follow the crowd. True genius requires non-compliant behavior and beliefs and uncommon confidence in our own ability. The highly successful person must march to the beat of a different drummer and be able to withstand the tidal wave of criticism that will appear from other well meaning, but misguided friends.

The next challenge is the word “imagine”. How many people imagine their destiny or visualize their goals? In today’s topsy turvy world, I suspect not many. As a society we are anesthetized with mind numbing television, video games and a plethora of distraction that keep us defocused and oblivious to the true potential of our universe. According to data from Nielsen that suggests TV time increases the older we get. The average American watches more than five hours of live television every day. This number is a couple years old and has likely increased.

In addition to the high daily television consumption, there is the news and continual bombardment with negativity that could cause the strongest of people to buckle and run for cover. Yet true success requires leadership and strong belief in ourselves and our goals.

No wander the average American lacks vision.

In his newest book, “I Can See Clearly Now”, Wayne Dyer states, “Truly the words of Thoreau resonated with me as I followed my dreams and let the universe handle the details”. Notice the reliance on the universe to handle the details. Many people do not make a decision to proceed or commit themselves because they cannot see the entire path. If I am sail from San Diego to let’s say Hawaii, I do not need a map of the entire route, just the general direction and conditions to initially set sail in and so it is with major goals in life. We need to know clearly the destination but not the details. Set the sails and trust the information we need will appear when we are ready for it.

If we approach life this way, we will achieve success in whatever endeavor we pursue, including our network marketing business

A Direct Marketer’s Best Category of New Business

For years sophisticated major mailers have utilized new mover names for their direct mail programs for one very good reason… because new move lists work!

New move lists that are currently on the market usually offer between 1 million and 1.5 million new move names a month. Many of the more well-schooled companies are getting and mailing these names weekly.

When one thinks about it, the reasons are obvious.

Almost like a new year’s resolution, a new move often triggers a sense of wanting “a fresh start”. Often even a short distance move will make people rethink their current relationships with others. The very act of moving can trigger looking for everything from a new church to a new dentist… to new Chinese restaurant.

It is also common to see people buying new sheets, towels, furniture, draperies, shower curtains,… anything and everything to make the new house their new home.

Businesses like home improvement stores find new residents important customers. They’re buying new toilet seats and door locks, door knobs and faucets. And they need nails and screws and tools and picture hangers.

Every type of contractor generates business from new residents including painters, plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, alarm companies. New lawn service and pool service and pest control are frequently required.

Depending on the distance of the move, every type of retail and local service relationship must also be reestablished.

That includes where someone buys pizza, get your hair done, gets their clothes cleaned, and gets their car serviced.

All new professional relationships also need to be secured as well. Doctors, dentists, ophthalmologists, pharmacists… all get new business from new residents.

If your business falls into any of the categories listed above, speed is critical. Why?

Because if another pizzeria sends out a welcome to the neighborhood, free meal coupon mailing before you do, you may have lost your opportunity to become their new supplier in that category.

New residents fall into two broad categories, home owners or renters. New renter names just cannot work for some mailers, and the reasons why are pretty obvious. On the other hand we have found that renters are equally or even more responsive than homeowners to many direct mail offers.

I believe there is no category of names that is mailed by more direct marketers than new residents. With a constant supply of between 300,000 and 400,000 weekly names to mail, every marketer needs to explore mailing to this audience. The upside is too great to ignore.

That’s why the savviest of smart marketers mail their best offer to new movers on an ongoing basis.

Think Direct Mail Is Dead? Think Again

With the constant bombardment of tweets, Facebook posts and e-mails a piece of advertising received in the mail is a refreshing change and grabs attention. Of course a standard letter simply will not make the mark – an attention-grabbing format is a must and a good start is to choose a direct mail idea that is sent out in a chunky envelope.

Our love of a good book has not diminished with the introduction of e-readers. We are still impressed and intrigued by a glossy cover and the fact that we can pick a book up and investigate further.

This is why direct mail is not dead – just like those books a well-designed and attention-grabbing direct mail piece will work for any advertising campaign and here is why:

A chunky board envelope or mailing wrap will rise to the top of the post tray, arouse curiosity as to what is inside and beg to be opened. That is just a starting point – you also need an entertaining and effective direct mailer inside the box to keep the interest.

A pop up product is a great way to impress and get your message across. All pop up products are sent out compressed into the chunky boxes and they spring free as soon as released. This action alone gains 100% attention. Soon becoming a talking point, a pop up product is shared with co-workers and colleagues beating any digital marketing format hands down.

Add a few pen holes to your direct mailer and you have a desk-top tool as well that will continue to broadcast your company details for a long time. Comparing that to an e-mail that is deleted in a second and never seen again it makes sense to invest in good direct mail campaigns.

Good graphic design is a must too to ensure that you get the best out of your mailing campaign, a printed calendar as part of your design gives your pop up product longevity too.

If a pop up does not appeal to you then there are other ideas – extending products, moving picture products and flicker styles – all chunky in design and taking interactivity and attention-grabbing to a different dimension.

Keeping hands busy is a great way to get your message across and choosing a direct mail format that will be picked up again and again and shared with others is just like that book in the store – tempting and inviting.

Opening up a direct mail piece spreads a little happiness too – often the surprise element of a posted piece is enough to get your company noticed.