Think Direct Mail Is Dead? Think Again

With the constant bombardment of tweets, Facebook posts and e-mails a piece of advertising received in the mail is a refreshing change and grabs attention. Of course a standard letter simply will not make the mark – an attention-grabbing format is a must and a good start is to choose a direct mail idea that is sent out in a chunky envelope.

Our love of a good book has not diminished with the introduction of e-readers. We are still impressed and intrigued by a glossy cover and the fact that we can pick a book up and investigate further.

This is why direct mail is not dead – just like those books a well-designed and attention-grabbing direct mail piece will work for any advertising campaign and here is why:

A chunky board envelope or mailing wrap will rise to the top of the post tray, arouse curiosity as to what is inside and beg to be opened. That is just a starting point – you also need an entertaining and effective direct mailer inside the box to keep the interest.

A pop up product is a great way to impress and get your message across. All pop up products are sent out compressed into the chunky boxes and they spring free as soon as released. This action alone gains 100% attention. Soon becoming a talking point, a pop up product is shared with co-workers and colleagues beating any digital marketing format hands down.

Add a few pen holes to your direct mailer and you have a desk-top tool as well that will continue to broadcast your company details for a long time. Comparing that to an e-mail that is deleted in a second and never seen again it makes sense to invest in good direct mail campaigns.

Good graphic design is a must too to ensure that you get the best out of your mailing campaign, a printed calendar as part of your design gives your pop up product longevity too.

If a pop up does not appeal to you then there are other ideas – extending products, moving picture products and flicker styles – all chunky in design and taking interactivity and attention-grabbing to a different dimension.

Keeping hands busy is a great way to get your message across and choosing a direct mail format that will be picked up again and again and shared with others is just like that book in the store – tempting and inviting.

Opening up a direct mail piece spreads a little happiness too – often the surprise element of a posted piece is enough to get your company noticed.